Help with Moneyville

Here you can see the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

1) Nothing happens when I try to open the game. What could be wrong?
Answer: Moneyville opens in a new window that fills most of the screen. You must make sure that your browser allows pop-up windows.

2) When I try to open the game I am asked to install something. What is this?
Answer: To visit Moneyville, you must have the program Flash installed on your computer. This is a harmless program that is found on most new computers. You can download and install the program free by clicking on this link:

3) How do I set up a user account?
Answer: You must enter a unique user name and a password you can remember. You must also choose a fruit. There are no requirements on the length or contents of the user name and password. Remember that you must repeat your password and that you must enter exactly the same text in both fields.

4) How can I get help in the game?
Answer: To get help, you simply press on the Mayor in the lower right corner. The Mayor will tell you what to do. In addition, some small help screens are also displayed.

5) Can children play the game even if they cannot read?
Answer: Yes. If the computer is equipped with sound, all of the games will be explained. There are also small help screens before the games begin. They demonstrate what you have to do.

6) Is it possible to see the text that is spoken in the game?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to turn the text on and off. You can do this at the top of the game. You simply need to click on “turn on text”.

7) Do I have to log out when I am finished?
Answer: No. All of the money and things that you have bought or wished for will be saved automatically. All you have to do is close the browser window when you have finished playing.