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It can be quite a challenge to integrate financial understanding into a mathematics lesson. That's why we've created Moneyville, so through play, games and classroom activities, you'll have a great tool to help you teach your students about the concept of money.

Here in the teachers section you'll also find suggestions and ideas about how to use Moneyville in your lessons - depending on the class level you're teaching.


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What your students will experience in Moneyville

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There is a lot for your students to learn in Moneyville.

Your students will have their first chance to earn money at the city gates, which need to be painted...

… they can also earn money at the apple stall and at the post office …

… and use that money to buy all kinds of things in Penny's Shop.

Older students have a chance to decide over a family's budget for an entire year...

… and see what kind of consequences their financial choices will have.

And when there's time for something other than money-talk, your students can take a trip in the time machine.

Welcome to Moneyville!

Suggested Activites and Materials:

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Moneyville in Year 2

Even at the age of 5-6 years old, your students can be introduced to the concept of money and learn what it's about.

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Ages 5-6